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Giving in 3D

You’re not a one-dimensional company so why settle for one-dimensional giving?

Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur who eats nails for breakfast and who has risked your life’s savings to get your business thriving. Or you perhaps you have schooled and worked hard to rise to the top ranks of the company. You are accustomed to having the expectation of making things happen and making an impact. You have spent your whole life expecting more from yourself and willing to work harder than the rest of the pack. You deserve more because you invest more; you risk more, you work harder, wiser, and often longer. Business is business and there are many aspects of the business to pay attention to. Even in flat out giving, you can obtain a return a.k.a. a tax write-off. But is this one-dimensional transaction enough? What if you could give more meaningfully AND receive far more abundantly? Well, you can. This giving with impact has become a national mandate in recent years and companies of all sizes are catching on. Gone are the days of merely giving for the tax write-off, especially for businesses.

Study after study shows consumers are gravitating their purchasing towards those companies who partner up with a cause. As much as 42% of those surveyed from Ellevate Network, a business network for women, stated that they would choose to purchase a similar item from the company who partnered with a cause even if the item was sold at a slightly higher cost. Again, answering the mandate for more meaning… meaningful giving and meaningful purchasing.

Americans collectively give in the close range of $300 billion every year in recent years. Yes, that is billion with a “B.” There are many great causes out there and many extraordinary people bringing awareness to them, tirelessly working towards remediation and the betterment of their community. Every dollar of support represents equally extraordinary people wanting to finance these efforts. There is a responsibility on the part of the wealth of this country to support their community and clearly, at $300 billion a year, companies and individuals are standing tall to their responsibility. But there is also a responsibility on the part of the non-profits to use that generosity wisely; for the greater good. This calls to question the dollars of support that sometimes go unappreciated, unacknowledged even or worse, go to the padded salaries of the top executives of some non-profits? To be clear on that last one, a top executive is a top executive and should be compensated greatly for their leadership and the expertise. It is no longer expected that a professional of this caliber should work for charity just because they are leading a charity. In order to attract and keep the talent, charitable organizations have had to become competitive with the corporate world in their management salaries. This is a proven concept however, there is a point where it is arguably questionable for the top execs of a non-profit to carve a hefty dollar amount of the donations received in support of the cause they represent.

To meet the need for meaningful giving, or giving with impact, we have come up with a business concept that works for all involved. It allows for multidimensional giving AND receiving. Impact Giving seeks out and meets with non-profits that are addressing a need in society, are well run, are effectively using their resources and are happy to acknowledge, appreciate and able to give back to their benefactors in the best way possible. They do this by enhancing the goodwill of the company through various initiatives which may not only encourage a more loyal customer base, but it also nourishes the internal corporate culture of the partnering company. With a portfolio of effective non-profits representing a wide variety of causes, Impact Giving reaches out to businesses, foundations and philanthropic individuals to understand the benefactors’ missions, client base, communities, and heartstrings. At this point and based on the amount of giving the benefactor already allocates to charitable giving each year, IG presents them with possible partnering non-profits where their gifts will go a lot further in both the giving and receiving AND make a far greater impact. Making every minute and dollar count is easier than you think. IG does all the work for both the non-profit and the benefactors, leading all involved into a win/win/win scenario. Contact us to see how we can help you give more deliberately and more meaningfully.

by Mark Turner