I wanted to build a flourishing socially responsible business doing what I am most passionate about; connecting people for a greater purpose. Recognizing my life long involvement with non-profits and combining that with the skills and network I had acquired along the way, I knew I had to do something that would assist charitable organizations in a dynamic way.

Here lies the inspiration behind Impact Giving...While serving as Chief of Staff for one of the top 1% ranked Sheriff's Offices in the country, I was responsible for various projects including the marketing of the agency. Upon the passing of one of our K9s, I posted an obituary of sorts outlining the accomplishments and contributions of our fallen K9. A philanthropic couple was made aware of this post and contacted the agency offering to fund the replacement of this K9. This being a 5 digit expenditure, took the agency by surprise in what was otherwise a severe budget cutting environment. In an attempt to show our appreciation, we made them honorary members of the K9 Unit gifting them with our agency fleece jackets donning their names. Perhaps it was this partnership that led them to purchase 4 more K9s, a bite suit and a plethora of other much needed items we would not otherwise have been able to acquire.

In another attempt to show our sincere gratitude for their continued generosity, we named the training field in their honor. At the unveiling of the sign ceremony, the couple came prepared with, and read aloud, a heartfelt speech outlining their passion for K9s and their undying support for law enforcement. The essence of their speech was that supporting the K9 Unit in this way was a perfect and meaningful fit for them. This gentleman was undoubtedly the most powerful, successful and influential person I had ever met, honored with distinguished titles in various states AND countries. Yet his speech was so humble and heartfelt, it was truly memorable to witness.

After the ceremony, he announced to the Sheriff that he and his wife were now going to purchase new equipment for the training field. The partnering was so meaningful to them it seemed to compel them to support more and more. The more we tried to thank them, the more they wanted to support. It was a WIN/WIN!

Aha, this is what I wanted to do... create win/win scenarios!