“Founded in the philosophy of servant leadership, Impact Giving works toward finding support for worthy causes, all the while recognizing and creating goodwill for those who demonstrate stewardship.”

Susan Hunter, Co-Founder

Impact Giving, LLC was established to create a win/win scenario for both the charitable organizations and their respective financial supporters. Small to Medium sized non-profits, not having the means to hire a marketing or corporate outreach department, are the unsung heroes in the non-profit world doing a tremendous amount of good on a shoe string budget. On the other hand, there is also tremendous generosity throughout America that has been left to feel unfulfilled and unappreciated. We work with the generous businesses, foundations and individuals throughout the country providing them with connections as to where their support can actually make an impactful difference setting the stage for a mutually beneficial relationship.


For the first time all generations have a common bond. We all want to make an impact during our lives.

The younger generation work toward immediate impact and they are very concerned about global issues. The middle generation have sacrificed and worked extremely hard to acquire wealth yet left feeling unfulfilled. They want to reach beyond society’s trophies of accomplishment and yearn to become an outlier in making a difference. The older generation, often considered the greatest generation for all the crisis points in history they have not only have endured, but have come out stronger, want to continue to be the role models of society in laying down a solid foundation to not only a legacy of living but also a legacy of giving.